“Smart home connectivity is an expected standard now in new-home construction and savvy builders are responding to meet this need.”

Onix Corporation is involved in Smart Homes, BMS & investing R&D new markets, as well as designing sites & apps.
They are also have some digital marketing services!

Most of our focus was on the smart home project, a challenging but exciting project to build a better world and a more efficient home.


  • Visual Identity Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design
    • Interface
    • Expereience
    • Interaction
  • Illustration Design


  • Onix Company
  • Mahdi Erfanian

Colors & Material

Mountain Meadow


Pure White


Working with Soroush was a hard and challenging experience but enjoyable and sweet, we were able to have a good friendly relationship alongside a working relationship.

Mehdi ErfanianCEO, Onix Company

Under skin of a simple design

have a complex concept

Under the skin of any simple design, I have deep thinking and a complex concept for its design and development….


Simplicity is Everything

Designing the visual identity and organizational brand of a multinational corporation has always been a complex and tedious task.
But it should be done, right?